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America's fascination with
the American Dream

All of us know someone who dreams of starting their own business.. or maybe already owns one. An estimated 40 million Americans now work at home, and many more are entrepreneurs.

Self reliance is big these days. And of course, just about everyone loves hearing success stories!

That's why The Success Journal profiles modern-day entrpreneurs who started out with little more than a dream... and went on to achieve the American Dream.

Every weekday, The Success Journal brings radio listeners true stories of people who reached for their dreams, in some cases risking all they had, and ended up winners.

These often incredible rags to riches success stories are behind some of today's hottest companies. The Success Journal, created and voiced by award-winning radio broadcaster Chris Witting, gets listeners involved and keeps them coming back day after day.

There is nothing else like it on radio

Don't believe the hype?
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