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Utilizing Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR), we have provided a 360 degree view of Chris Witting at work creating the Success Journal radio feature. First, wait a few minutes for the movie to download as you read the story below.
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Chris J. Witting is host and creator of the nationally-syndicated feature "Success Journal," now heard on stations across the country. And, he's the author of a new book from Career Press: 21-Day Countdown to Success.

Witting is the CEO and Founder of The Success Journal Corporation, an organization dedicated to helping people create their dreams and turn them into reality. Witting's syndicated broadcasts are heard every weekday on more than 300 radio stations nationwide, and on Armed Forces Radio worldwide. He's also CEO of Creative Broadcast Consulting, a successful radio syndication company.

A veteran CBS broadcaster, Witting has held top jobs at WCBS New York, WBBM and WMAQ Chicago, KDKA Pittsburgh, WBZ Boston, WCAU Philadelphia and other stations.

Witting has been quoted in many publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and numerous trade periodicals. He is also a platform speaker specializing in topics of entrepreneurial success and business achievement. In 1991, Witting was elected to life membership in the Broadcast Pioneers, an organization of electronic media professionals founded in 1942 by legendary newsman H.V. Kaltenborn.

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