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"Excellent production values, beautifully written. The perfect addition for any station. I look forward to hearing it each and every day."
     -- Bob Sims, KNX Los Angeles

"I love it, I really do! It's like 'The Rest of the Story' for entrepreneurs!"
     -- Skip Essick, WOOD Grand Rapids

"It's relatable and compelling to our listeners, and advertisers think its terrific!"
     -- Weezie Kramer, VP Sales, Entercom Communications

"If Casey Kasem did a business show, it would sound like The Success Journal! It's positive and inspiring, a daily shot in the arm!"
     -- Mark Larson, KPRZ San Diego

"Chris Witting is a great broadcaster. He knows what our audience wants."
     -- Ritch Homberg, WWJ Detroit

"Good stuff! A natural for any station carrying Paul Harvey. All the suspense of 'The Rest of the Story' with an entrepreneurial twist."
     -- Duane Link, KEX Portland OR

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