21-Day Countdown to Success

Advance Praise for
21-Day Countdown to Success
by Chris J. Witting

"Brilliantly insightful! A zero defect success system for today and all your tomorrows."
     -- Mark Victor Hansen, co-author best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"21-Day Countdown to Success is the finest road map to complete and lasting fulfillment I have ever read. It's a gift with a lift! Use this guide to start your own countdown now."
     -- Greg Anderson, author and founder of The American Wellness Project

"21-Day Countdown to Success is a refreshing and uplifting Journey to the best of who you are. Chris Witting hands you the keys to success in the finest sense of the word. I highly recommend this book."
     -- Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of best-selling Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

"People who are both thoughtful and ambitious can learn much from Chris Witting's book. He suggests some original and unusual pathways to success. Give them a try!"
     -- Walter Anderson, Editor of Parade Magazine

"Chris Witting is right! There has never been a magic bullet for success. There has never been any one path -- until now. Thanks for putting all these great ideas together in one magnificent book, 21-Day Countdown to Success."
     -- Wayne Allyn Root, author of The Joy of Failure

"Imagine that you are a rocket ship headed for your own future. Like a rocket, you need a massive boost of energy to break free of inertia, in order to realize your most magnificent dreams. And like a rocket, a small change in your course now will result in a huge change in your ultimate destination. 21-Day Countdown to Success will propel you toward the future you desire, giving you the direction you need to make an enormous difference later. Read this book and get ready to blast off!"
     -- Joe Tye, author of Never Fear, Never Quit

"If you want to be successful -- follow Chris Witting! He knows how to get a plan into action!"
     -- Nancy Rosanoff, author of The Intuition Workout

"21-Day Countdown to Success is the exact opposite of the usual self-righteous, one-size-fits-all self improvement book. Instead, Mr. Witting challenges you to discover your own unique path. Through a series of simple yet powerful techniques, you will embark on an exciting 21-day countdown to a life that aligns with your highest potential. There is no way anyone could read this book and not experience a celebration of his or her special gifts."
     -- Victor Boc Nationally syndicated talk show host and best selling author, HOW TO SOLVE ALL YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS FOREVER

"Chris Witting has organized the key ingredients for success into a system that assures its commited followers the recipe for success. It's easy to read and worth the time!"
     -- Dr. Tony Alessandra author, THE PLATINUM RULE and CHARISMA

"Chris Witting has influenced millions with his award-winning radio show. Now, he's put the very best of his interivews with the super successful into this book. He presents dozens of paths to success that anyone can follow to their dreams!"
     -- Brett Machtig Author, WEALTH IN A DECADE

"This book represents another effort to enhance human intelligence to its maximum."
     -- Jose Silva Founder, THE SILVA METHOD

"It took me 21 years to reach $1 million dollars in sales. Chris Witting's insights and helpful tips will get you started in 21 days!"
     -- Lillian Vernon Founder and Chief Executive Officer LILLIAN VERNON CORPORATION

"In 21-Day Countdown to Success, Chris Witting combines both classic and contemporary motivational insights that leads the reader to his or her own unique path to success. A valuable new book in a great old tradition!"
     -- Dave Liniger, Chairman and Co-Founder RE/MAX INTERNATIONAL

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